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All Kids Matter

With so much emphasis on disease over the last 18 months, focusing on what matters most is long overdue: KIDS!

Confusion, fear, and opinions have run rampant during these unprecedented times.

Regardless of where you stand, most people can come together over children.

All kids matter regardless of their circumstances. That is why it is so important that kids living in poverty aren’t forgotten.

This year’s Christmas on the Reservation will be so pivotal for the kids living on the Reservation.

Many services have been curtailed for everyone but the kids living in third world conditions are hit the hardest.

A toy for Christmas can make a difference that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide a toy for every kid on the Reservation.

We also want to lift the spirits of the kids by giving them a glimpse of hope that things will be better and futures will be brighter.

Won’t you help us?

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