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All we did was give a little

All we did was give a little. Y’all are out there doing it! That is really awesome. That’s what changes the world for the better.”

This was a social media shout out from a woman from Florida who recently donated to Love Has No Color’s Christmas on the Reservation. It’s refreshing to know that our Love Has No Color supporters really do understand the significance of our commitment to these kids as we work to help restore the hope, health, and dignity of the kids living on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

A small act of gift-giving or donating money can have such a huge effect on these kids and their futures. Like a pebble being tossed into a pond, the ripples extend outward.

The effects of the third world, extreme hopelessness are magnified during the holiday season. Illness, tragedies, conflict, crime, addiction, etc. dot the landscape throughout the year but are especially felt during the holiday season.

Having thousands of gifts in the hands of the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation may seem small or insignificant to some people. They are wrong!

This hope and optimism seeds itself and melts away some of the darkness and negativity.

A small gift to some is a gift of a lifetime to others.

Happy Holidays and thank you to all of our Love Has No Color supporters!

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