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Are Reservations a part of the US?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Many people mistakenly think that Native American Reservations govern themselves. It’s not true. There is a mixture of tribal, local, and federal law. The US Constitution applies to them. The Bill of Rights also applies to them… but do they really?

The standards of education, health, living conditions, freedom, ability to own property and houses, economics, and opportunity lags way behind the continental US.

Why is this so?

One of the reasons this happens and continues to happen is that most Americans don’t know of the conditions on Reservations. To most, they are invisible people.

If you don’t know about a problem, it’s pretty hard to help out.

Love Has No Color found out about the appalling conditions people face on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond 15 years ago and have been doing something about it ever since.

No, Christmas gifts for all kids every year on the Reservation won’t fix the problem.

No, Fun Day/Boot Camp in the summer every year won’t fix the problem.

No, feeding hundreds of families and handing out backpacks loaded with school supplies every year won’t fix the problem.

No, refurbishing the Poplar Theater won’t fix the problem.

No, building a skating rink or installing a synthetic outdoor basketball court won’t fix the problem.

But they are all steps in the right direction.

There is an ancient wisdom that says the 1,000-mile journey starts with a single step.

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