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Can A Gift At Christmas Really Change A Kid’s Life?

In our early Love Has No Color days we would have said we don’t know. Now, eighteen years later, we can unequivocally answer yes! We have seen the miracles, joy, smiles, and brighter futures.

Many people who live off of the reservation don’t understand what a special gift or two means at Christmas. So many kids on the Reservation feel isolated, apart from society. To watch Christmas come and go without participating creates a deep wound that can last a lifetime. So these gifts that they receive let each and every kid know they are valued and a vital part of the community.

Receiving a gift and being recognized as mattering goes a long way in a youngster’s life. This is not just a single holiday; this is the beginning of a wonderful journey that lasts through high school and beyond for many.

When we meet young adults in the shops on the Reservation they always tell us about their memories of Love Has No Color’s Christmas on the Reservation. They can tell you the hair color of the doll they received, what radio controlled car they received, the things they built with their new Lego set, etc. And they always have a story about the gift they received.

Santa’s sleigh will be loaded and distributing the gifts in the very near future.

If you see any of Santa’s elves on the Reservation, don’t forget to say hi!

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