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Certainty in an uncertain world

As if adversity and challenges weren’t enough before, now Fort Peck, other Reservations, and the whole world find itself in an endemic. Everything is being done to keep people as healthy as possible. Rest assured the leaders on the Reservation are up to the task.

Long before anyone knew about this current health challenge, the leadership of the Fort Peck Reservation including the Tribal Council, Kenny Smoker, and HPDP has been working since 2004 to promote health and prevent disease (HPDP) with innovative programs that few if any other Reservations have anywhere!

Love Has No Color came to the Reservation around 2005 and fit in well with Kenny Smoker, HPDP, and the Tribal Council’s vision and philosophy to create an environment of wellness for kids and adults alike.

These innovative programs reach Native as well as non-Native children, adults, and elders. Looking back at these programs, they faced resistance when they were first introduced. Now, they set the foundation and high standards in place today.

However much time is necessary for this health challenge to run its course, because of the leadership, certainty, and the programs in place, the residents of the Fort Peck Reservation will flourish now and in the future.

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