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Christmas will be extra special this year!

Never before have there been so many obstacles to helping people. Many people have been fixated on only what’s happening in their lives while the lives of the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and other Reservations have been permanently turned upside down.

These kids can’t wait for the world to resolve the mass hysteria. Most people outside the Reservation can’t imagine living in third world squalor.

All of the limited services and care on the Reservation have been suspended or discontinued.

Contactless delivery of services appears to be a good idea and may suffice for some things, but there is no substitute or imitation for human contact.

We are all one people and connected to each other.

As with all times of crisis, the trickle-down effect is felt most by the indigent, the sick, the poor, and the elderly.

Love Has No Color and all of its supporters have made sure Christmas will be extra special this year for these kids: thousands of gifts for the kids have already arrived and more continue to arrive each day!

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