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Did You Know?

Lots of people think they know about Native American customs, philosophy, and ways. Did you know that there have been famous healers who used no technology or medical ways and healed thousands of Native Americans without drugs or surgery?

Fools Crow and Black Elk are two of the most famous ‘holy men’ or medicine men in the last century.

Their healing is legendary and unparalleled.

With no technology, drugs, or medical systems and supplies, they healed people from all sorts of illnesses.

No MD in history is even in the same zip code as these and other ‘holy men’.

MDs on the Reservations, who had witnessed some of their healing because they shared patients with them, were astounded by the results.

How could they heal if they didn’t use the dominant healing agents of the time? They used spirit to heal instead of using technology, drugs, and surgery.

This seems so quaint and outdated, and yet their healing was and still is, unrivaled.

Most people don’t believe there is another way of healing that doesn’t use technology, drugs, or medical systems.

It’s an inconvenient truth to the modern ways.

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