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Do it because it’s the right thing to do

Lots of groups have assisted the kids and adults of the FortPeck Reservation over the years. Some have stayed for a year or two before fading away. Others have been there for a while and then moved on. What makes some groups stay while others don’t?

Our partnership with the tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation is based on a shared interest and common purpose, rather than each part of the partnership working independently.

Some years we are asked to focus on pressing needs or to supply a special resource not easily found on the Reservation.

It’s important for us to leave politics, personalities, and grievances off the Reservation when we come. Our purpose is all about creating a brighter future for these kids.

There are also other fantastic groups helping out on the Fort Peck Reservation. We can all agree that any help that benefits the kids and adults is good help.

Even though a group has a great idea or cause, they sometimes don’t continue working with the Reservation. Some groups are dependent upon state, local, or federal funding. When the funding runs out, these groups collapse. Their intent was pure, but they suffered from a lack of sustainability.

Our great friend on the Reservation, Kenny Smoker of HPDP, said this of our group:

“Throughout the years you have managed to work through any issue that arises, always with a positive attitude. This speaks highly of you personally and the strong values within you. You and your team had always been committed to helping underserved communities. It is an inspiration for others to follow. I can say there is not a time where I saw a negative attitude from anyone in your group in the many years you were here. You have reminded me of what is said about our Buffalo and the comparison of your group: When a storm approaches, the Buffalo would face the storm and walk into it, being brave and courageous, not sheltering themselves or turning away. Hitting it head-on with no fear?”

So if you are with a group that wants to help out on the Reservation, we welcome you to come and join us. Stay for a while or stay for years, it is your choice.

We hope you stay for a long time, as your kindness will be felt for years to come.

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