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Health, Hope, and Dignity

Boot Camp 2022 was a success! It embraced three days of health, peace, and community. 1,000 cartons of food were packed and distributed. The brand new Thundering Buffalo Wellness Center served as the home for the Fun Day in Poplar and the Wolf Point High School was the backdrop for the Fun Day in Wolf Point.

The carnivals included: hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, chips, live music by Sophie Walker and the Dudes, free Chiropractic adjustments, face painting, art lessons, the ice cold water dunk tank, beads, crafts, and games. Even in the 100-degree heat, the kids enjoyed themselves!

For a few hours in Wolf Point and Poplar, the kids got to be kids with no worries or concerns. Their squeals, excitement, and hugs said it all. The Chiropractors and volunteers were back, just like they said they would be!

Meeting young people in their twenties talking about how they remember their Fun Days always warms the heart. Elders also had story after story about their grandchildren and the Fun Days they attended. It was as family as it gets and all felt welcomed

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