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Helping Kids To Brighter Futures Is What We Do!

Most people who don’t live on Reservations think they know what happens on Reservations…THEY DON’T!

Kids growing up on the Fort Peck Reservation and other Reservations have so many challenges. Just receiving an education becomes a challenge because of the lack of materials and resources.

Just getting to school is challenging for many families.

Just getting food in the kids’ stomachs is a challenge.

With the rural nature of the Reservations, school buses can’t possibly pick up all students.

Since Covid hit, many parents have not allowed their kids to return to school.

Having classes on Zoom attempts to supplement in-person teaching but it can’t; it doesn’t even come close.

Many school districts on Reservations are among the worst in standardized testing, dropout rate, and college acceptance.

It’s time to pick up the pieces to restore these kids’ lives. That’s what we do!

Love Has No Color is all about restoring hope, health, and dignity to Native American kids.

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