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Helping people move forward

So much has been written and debated about how to solve the complex problems on Reservations. While many theories and innovative programs have been suggested for decades, Love Has No Color avoids the controversy and helps people move forward.

These problems have lasted for hundreds of years, not because of lack of effort, not enough money having been thrown at the problems, or not enough smart people attempting to solve the problems. It is because there are no simple solutions to complex problems.

According to Albert Einstein, the same thinking that created the problem cannot solve the problem.

An example of this is endangered species in the wild. People go to extreme lengths to save endangered species, but fail to realize it was MAN who endangered the animals to begin with.

While the rest of the world proclaims the next and best new cure for the problems on Reservations, Love Has No Color continues to do what we can to provide hope, health, and dignity to the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

We don’t pretend to have the solutions or new-fangled theories or philosophies. We believe if these kids are given hope for brighter futures, they will figure it out themselves. We believe in these kids, even in unfortunate circumstances.

When these kids don’t believe that brighter futures are possible, it becomes too easy for them to give up and accept the third world conditions.

We can’t give up on these kids or say it’s too difficult. These kids didn’t ask to be put in these conditions.

The conditions on the Reservations can be changed.

Love Has No color works to help provide hope for these kids so they will have much brighter futures.

They will grow up to impact the world.

The world needs to hear the voice of America’s First People.

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