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How many families can we deliver food to?

During the second week in August, the Chiropractors and their volunteers will be distributing much-needed groceries and household supplies to many families in need. How many families can we deliver food to in three days?

We have been putting on Fun Days for the kids of Wolf Point and Poplar for quite a few years. They’re the events of the summer. Especially after the pandemic, this summer’s Fun Days will be extra special.

As an added bonus, we will be distributing food for lots and lots of families.

Food is the focus of our community service efforts this year.

There are so many challenges faced on the Reservation and it’s our pleasure to serve the people in need.

It takes lots of behind-the-scenes effort year-round to make the Fun Days happen and the truth is, we gain as much as we give.

Helping people that have been forgotten about is so rewarding.

We do the same in our offices as we do on the Reservation.

Give people a gentle helping hand so they can get on their feet permanently.

It all starts with a small, simple act of kindness and sends ripples outward reaching everyone.

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