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How you can help kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond

There are so many well-meaning charities that truly do their best to help kids living in third world conditions around the world. India, Central America, Mexico, Africa, South America, the list goes on and on. LHNC is focused on helping kids right here in the USA.

Most residents of the US don’t know that kids on Reservations face some of the bleakest conditions in North America. Most have never heard of LHNC that helps restore hope, health, and dignity to Native American kids on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana.

One of the greatest gifts we get from participants and donors to Love Has No Color is the reality of seeing their gifts, donations, and participation in action.

In other words, they are actually able to witness the good being done by LHNC…and where their money and gifts go.

Sorting through the thousands of pictures, they are able to identify their gifts and see the smiles of the grateful child who received them. If they were fortunate enough to travel to the Reservation last month, they actually shared in the experience.

They witnessed the tears of joy that replaced their usual tears of sadness.

Many families take their kids with them from all over the US and Canada to imbue them with a profound sense of humanitarianism that will last a lifetime.

Too many families and especially kids think impoverished children live continents away.

Others think modern technology will solve these problems automatically.

It just isn’t so. It takes thousands of dedicated people who take action to wipe out extreme hopelessness instead of just talking about it.

There’s nothing like LHNC for connecting the kids to the community of people who don’t accept the conditions on the Fort Peck Reservation as being just the way it is.

There are so many levels of participating with Love Has No Color. We have donors, people who help build, those who travel to the Reservation, and much more! There’s something for everybody.

You can click or call and speak with real and live advocates for LHNC who are knowledgeable and helpful and have been a part of the movement for years.

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