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I wish you guys could stay longer!

Every December, the Love Has No Color elves have a whirlwind couple of days handing out gifts to the kids and food to the families in need on the Reservation. It is hard on the kids when they see us leave, but it is also hard on us to leave them.

The toys or gifts that the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation receive represent more than just those gifts. They are symbols of hope and a brighter future with less hardship.

The Love Has No Color program is a constant in the life of these kids on the Reservation. The gifts, clothing, coats, boots, sneakers, etc. that they receive year after year remind them that they are recognized and loved by people who don’t live on the Reservation.

The love and hope they receive go a long way to demonstrate that these kids and all other kids matter.

We experience the same thing with these kids when we host the Fun Days in August for the kids. Saying goodbye is the hardest part.

We’ve been doing these things on the Reservation for 18 years now so it’s not really a goodbye, but an “until we see you again.”

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