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Life is a choice

The conditions on the Fort Peck Reservation and other Reservations are difficult but we still can see glimpses of those who choose differently. Some choose to walk forward to brighter futures instead of following the poverty, despair, and learned helplessness of the past.

Choice isn’t always easy. Choosing not to embrace the past puts you at odds with many of your family members and friends who embrace the past with no hope of change.

Living a life of default and doing what has been done before is by far the easier choice; nobody will blame you for living this way.

If you choose to move forward, you will feel the social stigmatizing from most people, including family members and friends, as they attempt to enforce the beliefs of the past on you.

Who do you think you are going to college?

Who do you think you are working 2 jobs to get ahead?

Who do you think you are by giving your best?

Who do you think you are becoming self-sustaining instead of being paralyzed by government aid?

It’s not easy to make a choice, draw a line in the sand, and work to improve not only your conditions but also the conditions of those who follow.

Love Has No Color salutes everyone from the past, present, and future who encourage, guide, and inspire the next generation to claim its choice.

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