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Native lives matter

In these times of turbulence, it’s easy to forget about the people living right here in our country who endure third world condition squalor. If we continue to forget about America's First People, then how do you think we are going to treat other minorities or the oppressed in our society?

There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

If you throw a pebble in a calm pond, you will see ripples emanate from the center.

All the concentric circles are generated from the original event, the tossing of the pebble.

If we take out the original circle, the whole thing goes down. Each circle is completely dependant on each other.

Why not put some much-needed focus on America’s First People and show our country, as well as the world, how to care for all of their citizens?

Many people think the government will come to their rescue, but it is people like us who will really make the difference.

The government has enough on its plate, so let’s do our part to help make sure America's First People are not forgotten.

It starts with us.

This holiday season will be difficult for many residents on the Fort Peck Reservation.

We are encouraging repeat donations from our Love Has No Color family and welcoming first-time donors to help the cause.

Christmas on the Reservation 2020 is approaching and we want to make this year's the best one yet!

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