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Now What?

Gifts, toys, and clothing were handed out to over 2,500 kids on the Fort Peck Native American Reservation in December. Does it stop there?

As with any human endeavor, there is great anticipation about the task at hand and then with God’s blessing, the endeavor is accomplished. Then what happens?

For 18 years, a thread of kindness has been spread on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond. Every single act of kindness is followed by other acts of kindness. Like ripples in a pond after a pebble has been tossed, these ripples keep extending outward, gaining in strength and magnitude.

These people who are in a place of incredible hardship understand there must be a better way.

A single strand of a spider’s web seems so insignificant and fragile, yet many strands weaved together become strong.

Every strand of hope and every act of kindness that is given is paid forward in small and large ways. Even though some are unseen, they are just as real as the strands of hope and acts of kindness that are seen.

Offering a few dollars to someone in obvious despair at the grocery store because they can’t pay is a simple act of kindness that goes far beyond the simple act. The act is not governed by if you know this person or not. You do it anyway.

When you see someone in distress, you do what you can to help out. An example is seeing someone hurt who is in need of medical attention. You help them or at least guard over them until help arrives.

From a single strand, a new stronger, complex web of togetherness is forged. Everyone is a part of this sacred web, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not.

New confidence arrives where people start living lives not governed by fear. Joy, doing the right thing, and knowing someone has your back replaces the ways of the past.

Love Has No Color will continue weaving strands of hope when we return to the Reservation this summer with our Fun Days for the kids, our community service project, and lots of food for the families in need.

The Reservation is becoming an inviting, welcoming home and a place of hope, regardless of its appearance to outsiders.

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