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Our nation’s first deception?

We are not the only country to displace indigenous people and colonize a nation. It’s been done hundreds of times by industrial nations. England tops this list and has colonized countries across the globe as they subdued and conquered native people. The problem faced is what to do with the indigenous people once you have taken their land by force.

How were the original keepers of the earth removed from their land? It’s a matter of recorded history: BY FORCE!

With every such takeover, the original people were looked upon as inferior, uncivilized, and uneducated in the ways of the conquering country; they did not have the right religion and were undesirable.

Did you know that the language and concepts on the first documents drawn up by the colonists were heavily borrowed from the Iroquois Nation? Canasatego, the Iriquois chief, introduced the colonists to what would become the US Constitution. As if it wasn’t enough to take the land of the original inhabitants and banish them to obscure, desolate reservations, they took their ideas to help emancipate from the King and Queen.

99.9% of all US citizens are completely unaware and not concerned about this inconvenient truth. It doesn’t matter today, does it?

It matters!

Today the powers to be are wrestling each other for fundamentalist allegiance. They aim to divide society according to the people who obey and submit to the doctrines of a society that had its roots in deception. But a new class of leaders will emerge.

They will not seek followers but will encourage leaders to step up. People who won’t need to be told what to do or how to think. They won’t have to be treated like children, coddled, and provided for. It will include everybody and exclude nobody.

There would be a ripple effect in this country and beyond if more emphasis and focus was made on helping indigenous people get a leg up to become more self-reliant and self-determining without all the restrictions and regulations placed on them.

By the people and for the people is getting dimmer and dimmer for everyone, especially America’s First People.

We help lots of people around the globe; perhaps it’s time to help Native Americans finally get back on their feet.

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