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Outside looking in?

Who determines who is welcome and not welcome in the land of the free? It seems awfully ironic that the First Americans are still not welcomed in their Native land.

Do you know of any other ethnic, social, or religious group in America that was forcefully relocated to POW camps in desolate areas far away from where they and their ancestors were raised?

Native Americans are in a category of one.

Of course, there were other groups that were temporarily moved. The Japanese Americans during WW2 are a group that comes to mind, but they were not detained any longer after the war.

Native Americans need to be heard, now more than ever, during these uncertain times.

The original Keepers of the Earth need to be the voice of wisdom and moderation in a society that has lost its way.

Pollution of our environment has steadily worsened and will need to be addressed in the very near future. Technology will not solve (nor is it intended to solve) all problems. It’s not a substitute for wisdom or caring for our planet and its people.

Love Has No Color is working to restore the hope, health, and dignity of every kid on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

Instead of creating more division, conflict, and unrest, couldn’t the US enjoy some unity right about this time?

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