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Santa is coming to town!

Thousands of gifts have arrived at the FortPeck Reservation for the kids. As we all know, attending school is difficult these days but each child on the Reservation will be receiving gifts thanks to all of the love from our very generous Love Has No Color supporters.

We salute all the volunteers and members of HPDP for the sorting, classifying, and personalizing of the gifts.

Even though some of the kids are not currently attending school and are doing remote learning, every effort will be made to ensure they will receive their gifts as well.

Love Has No Color has provided gifts to these kids for 16 consecutive years. Lots of Chiropractors, Naturopaths, patients, businesses, and donors have worked overtime to make sure this year’s event is extra special.

Every year we receive requests from these kids. This year the requests included ponies, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ice skates, houses, new brothers and sisters, musical instruments, and even a spaceship!

We’re working on some of the larger items but we know each child will be thrilled with the gifts that have been donated to them!

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