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Santa Is Coming To Town!

If there’s one thing all kids around the world love, it’s Christmas. For kids, it’s a time for joy and celebration.

The kids on the Fort Peck Reservation live in extremely difficult circumstance but the magic of Christmas cuts through all of that by uplifting their spirits, which they will remember for years.

The kids love getting their gifts from Love Has No Color every year. They intuitively know there are people behind the kindness. We have received hundreds of colorful thank you cards from the kids expressing their gratitude after each time we are there for Christmas on the Reservation.

Over the years, we have heard young adults comment about the joy and surprise of receiving their gifts when they were younger.

They usually always will have a story that accompanies the receiving of the gift: “This is what I was wishing for”, “How did they know I didn’t have boots or a warm winter coat?”

They ask their teachers: who are these people and why do they do this year after year?

In an age where others are deciding what’s best for kids, Love Has No Color lets kids have fun the way they should have fun.

We don’t pressure them to grow up, act serious, or act like an adult. There’s plenty of time for that in their futures.

We want them to just enjoy the moment and to keep in mind the rest of the year that a brighter future is on the way.

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