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The fighting spirit of Native Americans is well documented

It was thought that Native Americans had been granted the right to vote in 1924 but that law wasn’t fully established in every state until 1962. Imagine fighting in all armed conflicts in this country without being able to vote!

A majority of Native American enlisted, versus being drafted, to lay down their lives for a country that didn’t recognize them as full citizens.

That same generational fighting spirit will serve all on the Fort Peck Reservation as well as all other Reservations in the US and Canada during this pandemic.

This is exactly what gets people through adversity when the chips are down. They have been there before.

I wonder how many of us would endure if our children were forcibly removed from our households and forced to relocate to Indian Boarding schools where they were stripped of their tribal ways, language, identity, and customs.

I wonder how many of us would survive if we were moved from our home and transported thousands of miles away and not allowed to leave. And the only way to live was to accept handouts and be completely dependent on the government.

The fighting spirit and philosophy of Native Americans are guiding forces for people who recognize and accept wisdom.

The original Keepers of the Earth are the ones who have urged restraint with planetary resources although they are mostly unheard and ignored, especially when there is profit involved.

Nobody asks to be involved or deserves to be in catastrophes, but Native Americans have endured many from genocide, smallpox deaths, diseases from the European invasion, etc.

One of the things that strike all people when they meet a Native American is their generosity and willingness to help others. This kindness and humility are traits that were fire forged through adversity and knowing that eventually this too shall pass.

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