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The original Keepers of the Earth

The original Keepers of the Earth in North America has a voice that has been extinguished. The environment was sacred to them, to the Europeans land equaled profit. They had no regard for the environment or the people living there as they began to pillage.

The North American continent was so plentiful when the European invasion started; nobody ever thought that such vast resources could be used up.

Well, they have and continue to be depleted.

Imagine being able to drink from any stream or body of water. Imagine air that hasn’t been polluted. Imagine food without chemicals to make it last longer, be produced cheaper, and lose its nutritive value.

Native Americans have ancient wisdom that simply doesn’t exist or matter to Europeans. The environment is something that is usually talked about only at election time but not really taken seriously.

We put profit and convenience ahead of what’s best for the environment.

The thing about the environment is when you do something to it like mining, changing river patterns, deforesting, it not only creates short term problems but it also creates future problems as well.

You traded a short-term gain for a long-term problem.

Native Americans have always spoken the voice of moderation. If something would have adverse affect generations later, they would choose not to do it.

Boy, does their voice have to be heard today!

If a philosophy that kept a vast environment pristine for thousands of years, is revisited today, it will help every man, woman, and child, regardless of creed, color, or religion.

The world needs to hear from the original Keepers of the Earth.

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