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The Presents Have Been Delivered

There were so many squeals of joy and the kids were jumping up and down when they received their gifts. For a few moments, time seemed to stand still. They were so happy and our hope is that each kid experienced an optimism that is there to stay.

We saw the anticipation of the kids before they received their gifts and then their celebrations and happy dances afterward. The change was dramatic and seeing the animation of the kids with pure unbridled joy is a memory that won’t fade.

Even the older kids seemed blown away with the gifts and the promise kept by Love Has No Color.

I want to extend a special thank you to the members of HPDP, teachers, and volunteers who helped sort and wrap the gifts to make the celebration even more meaningful for the kids.

These kids matter. By recognizing them each and every year, hopefully, they will realize that their future is more unlimited than some of them have been made to believe.

A small token of kindness at the right time in a kid’s life can have lifetime effects.

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