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We received an email from the guardian of an eleven-year-old boy who has been following Love Has No Color ever since they can remember.

Here is the gist of the email:

The guardian states that he counts down the days to our Christmas on the Reservation and our Summer Fun Days. It keeps him going throughout the year. This kid doesn’t have many friends, doesn’t do very well in school, and is depressed. He sleeps on the floor or a piece of ragged carpet. He doesn’t get three meals a day. This little guy has legitimate reasons to feel angry, worthless, and alone. His father is incarcerated, his mother left him, and he has no siblings.

He loves meeting all of the volunteers from LHNC each year and getting food, gifts, and backpacks; but mostly he is excited for the hope and encouragement that people share with him year after year. His favorite clothes are the LHNC tee shirts he’s received over the years. He still has the LHNC sneakers he was given in the 2nd grade, even though they don’t fit.

He is amazed that even though the conditions on the Reservation are bad, LHNC doesn’t quit. They keep coming back year after year. He wrote a note one year to the Santa from LHNC about returning his incarcerated father and abandoned mother back to him. He states he is not mad it didn’t happen, just disappointed. He sighs that’s how things on the Reservation are.

Even though looking at him you would think there is no hope, there is hope in him and this is what he says keeps him going!

If LHNC doesn’t quit and continues to help kids like him, he’s not going to quit either.

LHNC is dedicated to bringing hope, health, and dignity to the kids of the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

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