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There Are No Lost Causes Or Hopeless Cases

Love Has No Color is not just a cutesy slogan. It’s a fierce declaration proclaiming there are no hopeless cases or lost causes. This not only applies to the Fort Peck Reservation but also everywhere else.

When faced with difficult circumstances, some people attempt a few remedies. When they don’t get the results they wanted, they declare some people lost causes or hopeless cases.

It’s simply not true.

The “Native American problem”, as it’s been referred to, is not a new problem.

Billions upon billions of dollars have been thrown at the problem and yet the problem still exists.

Experts in administration and the non-Reservation way of living continue to be perplexed by this lost cause.

Trying to ‘fix’ people is an expensive and futile way of making it look like there isn’t a real underlying problem.

There is a real problem.

Instead of ‘solving’ the problem, for 17 years Love Has No Color has been encouraging, giving a helping hand, and believing in the next generation.

Showing love and concern for kids will stay with them for a lifetime.

It’s more than a gift at Christmas, an outdoor basketball court, or a refurbished movie theater for kids to hang out in.

It is hope when they need it and it allows the kids to experience a brighter future.

If these kids are cared for during childhood and given hope, they will figure out the next step for themselves.

Empowering people is the answer; not supposedly solving problems for them and treating them like children.

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