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This too shall pass

The longer you live, the more adversities and challenges you’ll be called to face. It takes great courage to not give up hope and believe that the world is dark and dangerous place. Adding to the mass hysteria won’t help. Courage is not a lack of fear, it’s acting courageous in the face of fear.

You have probably faced some sort of adversity in your life. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, dealt with a serious illness, faced unemployment, experienced extreme hopelessness, or sustained economic challenge.

Whatever the challenge was, there was a silver lining beyond the circumstances…if you look for it.

As an example of this silver lining, if your house had an electrical fire and burned to the ground. Nothing good about it, you didn’t ask to be a part of it, pictures, heirlooms up in flames, never to be replaced.

But the next house you lived in has the capacity to be even better than the previous one. The gratefulness that you have for housing can replace the mourning and grieving of the previous house that went up in flames.

Sure, you’ll always miss the old house, but the present one is pretty special too with lots of memories yet to come!

As difficult as this current challenge, it’s not of the same scale as the struggle Native Americans have faced since the European Invasion. It’s not even in the same galaxy.

If there’s one group of people in our country that has endured despite the massive odds, its Native Americans.

This too shall pass.

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