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This year's Fun Days will be extra special!

With all of the turbulent times within recent months, this year’s festivities promises to be the biggest and best yet! We expect the highest turnout, the most food, and the most backpacks and school supplies.

With the school schedule in chaos and everyone confined to their houses and schedule’s turned upside down, Fun Day can’t come soon enough! It will be a time of celebration!

Not only a time of celebration, but a time of service and health to all residents of Fort Peck.

For all kids and adults there will be FREE Chiropractic adjustments and Naturopathic treatments.

If there was ever a time to receive care from all the doctors in LHNC, it’s now! Part of the fun for the last 15 years is staying healthy.

We have cared for thousands upon thousands of kids and adults.

And as always, there will be all you can eat lunches and backpacks.

We also are expecting to bring high quality, non-perishable food…lots of it. We purchase it locally through Main St. Grocery in Poplar and owner Darrell Warner. He goes the extra mile with every order we place.

We usually go to a few towns to hand out the food going door to door, but this year in addition, we hope to be able to provide food to seniors and elders who could sure use the help.

In the meantime, you can look at all the photos and videos of Boot Camp/Fun Day of years gone by!

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