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We can't let the Reservation be forgotten

It’s difficult to think about others right now when there is a pandemic right on your doorstep. But we must remember that even with everything going on, there are those who have always been forgotten and face challenges others don’t. These people must be helped, not continued to be forgotten or ignored.

The kids and adults living on the Fort Peck Reservation must endure third world conditions before, during, and after the pandemic.

Since the closing of schools, after school programs, and other activities the kids are missing out on social interactions. These are essential to their mental and emotional development and health.

What many don’t realize is these activities, many times, include meals.

With the refurbished movie theater in Poplar for instance, indoor archery or seeing a movie included a great lunch as well.

No activities = no meals for the kids.

Undernourishment is a very real problem on the Fort Peck Reservation as well as other Reservations.

In the last handful of years, more emphasis has been on providing high-quality, non-perishable food and household products.

This will be a major focus for the upcoming year.

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