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We must learn from the past for a brighter future

Love Has No Color isn’t just a cutesy slogan or a corporate jingle, it’s a statement about truth. Each and every one of our endeavors on the Reservation and beyond help all the kids on the Reservation, Native American and otherwise.

We, or anybody else for that matter cannot change the past. But we can begin to restore the hope, health, and dignity NOW too the kids and adults living in third world conditions.

The distribution of food, clothes, Fun Days, and Christmas on the Reservation is based on need.Historically, Native Americans are the only demographic on the Reservation that has been exposed to genocide, boarding schools, racism, government backed oppression, and seized inalienable rights, but everyone on the Reservation benefits from LHNC.

Kids as well as adults are all moving toward a brighter future. A more self-sufficient way of life on the Reservation. For 16 years we have been witness to this miracle. For some this will happen faster and others will require more time.

LHNC honors the Native heritage.

There is an invisible strength, a purpose, when you honor the past and bring this past into the present as a moral compass.

As a result, there is a leadership, a commitment to community, and at the same time a profound sense of giving others a helping hand as well.

If there is one thing we have observed in our years on the Reservation, it’s generosity from people that often times have little to give, but still do.

The wisdom, the ecology, the saving of our planet message needs to be heard from the original ‘Keepers of the Earth’, now more than ever.

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