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We’re all in this together!

You don’t have to change the world all by yourself. Just one small act of kindness sets it in motion. Everyone is capable of one small (or large) act of kindness. If we all do our part, our community will change for the better.

So many questions abound about schools opening and under what conditions. What about school programs, sports, and after school activities?

How about the Head Start Programs, food banks and pantries, meals for seniors, domestic violence shelters, etc.?

The ripples and trickledown effect of what is happening in this country can be felt everywhere on the Reservation.

There are lots and lots of issues and challenges everywhere, but they are especially felt by the people on the Reservation, where many worry about where their next meal will be coming from.

Many don’t see it, but the leadership of the Tribal Council, the HPDP, and other agencies is strong and they are doing their best keeping all the parts moving in the right direction.

You may not feel you can help especially in the current circumstances, but you can.

Just one small act of kindness sets it in motion.

We’re all in this together!

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