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What did Santa see while delivering gifts to the kids of Fort Peck?

He saw laughing, giggling, enthusiasm, and joy. And for that moment, the world seemed simple and understandable: people helping others less fortunate and giving them a leg up.

It was like a long cool breeze on a torrid, steamy day in August. The kids were surprised and happy as the gifts arrived just in time for Christmas.

Some of the kids just knew we would be arriving and other kids were blown away. “We didn’t think you were coming this year”, was a common expression.

I want to extend a special thanks to all of the school officials, teachers, HPDP helpers, and Love Has No Color elves that made this event possible.

New grounds were broken as we served the Fort Kipp and Frontier schools.

Because of all of the Covid restrictions, some of the many gifts may not be delivered before Christmas. Rest assured, all kids will receive a gift.

It’s especially important nowadays to demonstrate that these kids’ lives matter. Recognizing them while they are still kids goes a long way to developing and nurturing them into healthy, successful, productive adults.

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