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More than just a fundraiser

We have eclipsed the $23,000 and are speeding towards the $25,000 mark. We just purchased our regulation size 50x84 outdoor basketball/hockey court and the basketball and hockey nets. The cost was $21,000 and it will take another $15-20,000 of cement pouring/prep work to build the court. We have less than three weeks to raise the additional $15,-20,000. We are desperately searching for a large donor to help us on our final leg of our fundraising journey. If you know of any donor who has the ability to write a significant check, their help would certainly put us over the top. Remember, there is a saying in fundraising, with 501(c)(3) money if you don’t give it away, it will be taken away (IRS), so this is a win-win in a big way for everyone. Some great donation ideas: we have volunteers running around towns delivering ‘fundraising’ bagged lunches to area businesses, we have doctors having pies smooshed in their faces, doctors who are having pink and rainbow hairdos for donations, etc. We have raffles for donations with prizes from iPads to TV’s. We have had many churches and civic organizations get behind our cause. We have even had a number of Native American organizations express interest in our project!

Did you know? We are inviting all of our donors to participate ‘live’ in the festivities Friday and Saturday August 7th and 8th. There is no cost to attend. The Fort Peck Tribal Council has graciously ‘comped’ rooms at the Homestead Inn (if you plan on attending, you must register at 1.800.525.3879 and you will get all the logistics, airport locations, etc), these rooms are limited to 15, first come, first served. Friday is the Fun Day where there will be 800-1,000 kids playing whiffle ball, cross fit, relay races, face painting, dunk tanks, etc. Also the country western, rock band Don’t Quit Your Day Job will be playing all day.

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